A salt water aquarium is a great addition to any home. Kids love all types of living creatures and will get lots of joy watching the fish swim about. AS they get older you can teach them responsibility by giving them the job of looking after the fish tank and its inhabitants. He will have to clean the tank out at least once a week while checking on the fish every day.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the location of your salt water aquarium as once it has been filled you don’t want to try moving it. Away from any sources of heat is the best place and obviously somewhere where it will not get knocked over. You need to decide what type of fish you are going to get. I would suggest you stick to the cheaper varieties to start off with until you get more experience looking after these beautiful creatures. Having a chat with an expert in this field helps too as they can give you invaluable advice on how many fish to purchase, what species go well together and what combinations you should avoid. Some species are best kept on their own.

Before you actually buy the fish, you will need to purchase some equipment to go with your new salt water aquarium. You will need to test the water quality on a regular basis. You can do this using a kit. A temperature gauge is a must have. You need to test the filters and the heater to ensure they are working properly. If you are serious about looking after these creatures properly, buy yourself a couple of books to help broaden your knowledge of marine life. There is a lot more maintenance looking after a saltwater fish tank and it is generally more expensive too.

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