Many people do not get to experience the enjoyment of saltwater tanks because they think all saltwater aquariums are expensive to setup. The article below will help you see that the truth is that you can have a basic salt water aquarium setup without paying a lot of money.

The Tank- The best size would be right around 40 gallons. These tanks are not very expensive but still offer a great size for stability of all chemical and physical water properties. Stick with the standard glass tops and fluorescent lighting that come with the tank.

Aquarium Filters- A good canister filter will easily be able to handle a 40 gallon basic salt water aquarium setup with ease. Or you could even use a larger hang on tank filter which will cost less money and still give you good results

Other Equipment- You will have to get a heater, synthetic salt mix, aragonite gravel a thermometer and a hydrometer to measure salt levels in the water.

Decorations- This is where the money can disappear quickly. Many people use dead coral skeletons which are very expensive for larger pieces and need to be cleaned frequently.

Live rock is another option that also costs a fair amount of money but will do an excellent job of keeping the water quality high and the fish happy so it is worth the extra money.

Some people have used cheaper volcanic rock in their saltwater tanks but it usually shows algae very well and does not provide the bacteria and microscopic life that live rock does.

The Fish- A 40 gallon tank will allow you to keep at least 4-5 small fish. If you choose the right saltwater fish for your salt water fish tank you can stock it very cheaply. Stick with hardy species that do not cost a lot like clown fish, gobies, basslets, blennies and some more docile damsel fish.

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