If you want to own salt water aquariums but fancy something different, have a think about Moray Eels. They do not appeal to everyone but those that love these creatures will talk for hours about how beautiful they are. They will study them at length too.

Moray eels will eat other fish so need to be introduced into an aquarium with care. They can grow very large very quickly and so will outgrow a small tank in no time. They will hunt day or night or perhaps both depending on how hungry they are. They tend to be short sighted so will rely on their sense of smell.

Although some people find them frightening to look at they are not really dangerous. They can deliver a nasty bite if handled in the wrong way or if they mistake your fingers for food.

You need to keep your salt water aquariums covered or you will find the Moray Eel on the floor of the room. They like to slither out and explore but will die if they are out of water for too long. They require a lot of feeding which in turn produces a lot of waste material. You need to have an efficient filtration system in place or the water quality will deteriorate very quickly. These creatures are probably best avoided by the amateur fish tank owners.

Some fish and eels definitely do not belong in salt water aquariums that are housed in homes with young children. These include members of the piranha family as well as those such as the catfish with its poisonous spines or the electric eels who can deliver potentially fatal electric shocks. If you are injured by one of the inhabitants of the tank, seek medical assistance as quickly as possible. Remember to give the emergency services full information including the scientific name of the fish in question so that the proper treatment can be applied.

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