When choosing your fish tank lights, the types of fish or other organisms that you have in your fish tank or aquarium will decide which type of lighting is most appropriate. Some lights are best for fresh water fish, while others are better for those that live in salt water. Even more complicated is that some lighting is best for anemones or other organisms or even plants that you may keep in a tank.

It is important to get a light that is appropriate for what you are keeping in your tank so that the organisms live as close to a life as they would out in the wild. Think about it this way: if the sun came on at irrational times of the day and was either too bright or not bright enough, would you function properly? Chances are you would not, and your fish tank organisms are no different. So along with choosing the right type of lighting source, you should also be sure to turn the fish tank lights on and off when appropriate in order for your little aquatic friends to live as comfortably as possible.

Fish tank lights are rated in Kelvins, which measures the color temperature of the light that is given off. The lowest rating is 5,500 Kelvins when shopping for aquarium lights, and they are best for shallow or small fresh water tanks. Above that, lights can go all the way up to 20,000 Kelvins — though 20,000 Kelvin lights are best for very large tanks filled with deep-sea fish and other organisms that would otherwise not be at the surface of the water.

If you are looking to give your fish some artificial moonlight, you will not be looking at bulbs that even register in the Kelvins. These types are usually special LED lights. Moonlight LED bulbs are usually not for the casual aquarium owner unless they are looking to keep their organisms in a completely natural light cycle or are looking to breed them.

The most common fish tank bulbs are fluorescent, usually within the normal output to very high output ranges. These are very effective for normal-sized tanks and can range from 5,500 to 10,000 Kelvins. Normal output fluorescent lights should only be used for shallow tanks containing fresh water fish, while high or very high output fluorescent lighting is best for freshwater tanks that contain fish and underwater plant life or for tanks that contain only salt water fish. Alternatively, power compact fluorescent lights are great for any type of fish and any tank size as long as the Kelvins are high enough. Choose your fish tank lights depending on what exactly the types of fish you have are, as well as how normal of a lifecycle you would like them to have.

Keeping your fish in a proper environment can help them live longer and happier. Learn more at our site about the different types of fish tank lights at our site to ensure that your fish live as naturally as possible in their unnatural environment.

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