The obvious answer to the decision on what to buy for salt water aquariums will be those fish suitable for marine conditions. It is amazing how often people will buy freshwater fish, put them in a marine tank and then wonder why they die!

When it comes to choosing the right inhabitants you should be guided by the experts particularly if you are setting up your first fish tank. Some marine fish are dangerous and not suitable for those lacking experience. Others are extremely fragile and will die very quickly if you lack knowledge and expertise in salt water aquariums.

You cannot be guided by the name of the fish either. You may want to buy something beautiful to look at such as the Angelfish. Despite its name this fish is no angel and does not like to share a tank with the same species so you have been warned. You should really sit down and plan what fish you want to buy so that you can be sure that they can live together relatively peacefully. It is not unheard of for people to spend money on fish only to find that some of the fish have eaten the others.

Take advice from your local trusted dealer. He or she will have the expertise and knowledge to guide you properly on how best to set up your tank. They will give you some ideas on how to introduce beauty and interest to the environment while maintaining the quality of care for these fish. Some fish are easier to look after and therefore are more suitable when you are a novice. You probably want a mixture of species in your salt water aquariums as then they are more likely to replicate the life the fish would have enjoyed in the wild although hopefully without the predators!

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