The number one mistake people make when buying a salt water fish tank is to buy one that is too small. Marine fish are used to a lot of space and deep water so you need to buy as large a tank as possible. Don’t worry about filling the tank with sea water, this is not recommended. You should use one of the commercial preparation packs on sale and make up a solution following the exact instructions.

If you are wondering what fish to populate your salt water fish tanks with, you need to speak to an expert. Just as you wouldn’t keep a cat and a mouse in the same compartment, there are certain fish that do not co-habitate very well. How many fish you buy will depend on the species i.e. what size they will grow to and also whether you are going to breed them or not.

You can safely combine clown fish with sea anemones although the later are fatal to most other fish. Normally any fish that comes close to the sea anemone will be fatally stung and consumed but not the clown fish which appears to be immune to the venom. Some people say that the sea anemone will eat scraps of food dropped by the clown fish but whether this is why the two species can live together is anyone’s guess. Angelfish are beautifully colored but are known to fight with members of their own species although the Black and Gold angelfish is less territorial. Everyone wants to have a sea horse in their marine aquarium but remember that these will require live food.

Salt water fish tanks give you an opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures at close proximity. Do look after them properly and provide them with the correct food but also some coral and other reminders of their old life.

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