If you plan on having salt water aquariums you need to learn how to keep the inhabitants happy or they will die from stress related diseases. Some fish are easier to keep than others as they adapt well to captivity. Others are not suitable for those novice fish tank owners and are best avoided. Nobody unless they are proven experts and live in a house without pets or children should house dangerous fish in their aquarium. Piranha, electric eels and catfish are just some of the varieties you should avoid.
Sea Bass are quite popular for custom tanks because they are so beautiful. They are relatively easy to maintain as well with the biggest concern being their eventual size. They will also eat smaller fish so be careful who you house them with.

Lionfish are fascinating to look at but need to be handled with care as their sharp spines can cause a nasty injury. These fish usually demand to be fed live food so unless you can maintain this on a daily basis you may want to buy those that have been trained to accept dead food. As with Sea Bass, if you put these fish in a tank with smaller fish the latter will end up as dinner.

Some fish found in salt water aquariums like to bury themselves in sand so shouldn’t be in your tank unless you have the sand in place. These would include the Jawfish who love to burrow in sand but are also known to jump out of the tank if a cover is not secure!

If you fancy a boxfish make sure that the other inhabitants are friendly or this fish will release its lethal mucus thus killing off most of the other inhabitants of the tank. One of the main issues with salt water aquariums is the fact that the fish are designed for the deep Ocean and thus their natural protection can lead to their death in captivity.

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