When buying salt water aquariums you will need a couple of other objects in order to use your new fish tank. The first item you will need is an aquarium stand. Some people put their fish tank on a book case or similar but you are much safer using a purpose built stand. They are built to the take the weight of the tank and the water it contains. What a lot of people don’t appear to realize is that often a fish tank leaks or cracks as it was standing at an angle and thus the weight of the water was not uniformly dispersed. Don’t waste money trying to save cash on a cheap stand. You will live to regret it.

Another essential is your hood or cover. Salt water aquariums are made from glass or plastic. This is what the hood should be made from too as other materials can contaminate the water. You need a cover for a couple of reasons. Fish can jump and having a cover prevents you walking into a room and finding them on the floor. The cover also prevents splashes ruining your floor covering. It helps to slow down the release of oxygen from the tank and also retains heat. It is a great idea to purchase the hood and stand at the same time as you buy the fish tank.

Finally while you are spending buy a couple of other items. Some of these will often be included with salt water aquariums so check before you hand over your credit card. You will need a temperature gauge, some bedding materials (shells, coral and silica sand) and some dressing for the tank such as rocks, dead coral and perhaps some algae. Make your fish a nice home and they are more likely to thrive in your care.

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