When it comes to salt water tanks, no two reefs are the same. This is great news for the salt water aquarium enthusiast when attempting to establish their perfect reef aquarium for their home. However there is no perfect ‘formula’ for making the perfect salt water tanks so there is plenty of room for you to be creative!

One thing that cannot be overlooked is the actual size of the salt water tanks. You must make sure you have plenty of room and it is an adequate size to allow your fish to grow and exercise without being restricted. Just as a person cannot thrive in an enclosed environment, neither can a fish. A good size for the home marine enthusiast to establish their first salt water tanks would be around 75 gallons. This size tank allows for plenty of space for several species of fish to spread out and thrive in their new environment.

The options are endless when when starting to decorate your new salt water reef aquarium. It is generally much more aesthetically pleasing and healthy to the fish to keep all of the decorations one hundred percent organic. Live rock is a vital element to any eco-system, yet makes a lovely addition to a home saltwater aquarium. There are tiny micro-organisms that grow on the rock itself (this is why it’s sometimes called a live rock) and these micro-organisms will help to filter out the harmful bacteria and waste products produced by the fish that accumulates in all salt water tanks despite the strength of your filtering system.

Coral and live plants are also essential elements for the perfect salt water tanks or reef aquariums. You have your choice of numerous different types of plants that can be added to your reef aquarium, and it’s always best to choose based on the fish that will be inhabiting the tank.

To successfully transplant live salt water aquarium plants it is essential that the sand or silt on the bottom of the tank be deep enough to allow the roots of the plants to successfully take hold.

So as you can see there are so many options available to you when creating the perfect salt water tank. Some of them may be very costly, however just by using your imagination it’s possible to create salt water tanks or reef aquariums that is aesthetically, ecologically and financially friendly.

All this great information is just basic information to get you started setting up your salt water aquariums.

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Jennifer Roberts is an aquarium enthusiast whether salt water or fresh water aquariums she has been around them her whole life and they have been a staple in her house as long as she can remember.

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