One important question comes to mind when starting a fish tank; pet owners have to determine which type of fish that they want to raise. There are two alternatives: salt water fish and fresh water fish. This decision is normally made based on experience. If you are assembling your very first aquarium, fresh water fish is the best option because of their simplicity as opposed to the more challenging salt water fish. However, for the more experienced pet fish owner, setting up an aquarium for salt water fish can be a wonderful challenge giving you the chance to raise new varieties of fish. For those of you that have successfully built an aquarium or two earlier on, and you feel that you have decent experience, here are several facts to consider.

There is a reason why staying healthy isn’t difficult for fresh water fish and that is because of the rapidly changing conditions that they have adapted to. If something were to briefly disrupt their lifestyle or slightly change the temperature of the water in your tank, these fresh water fish have less of a chance of becoming stressed or ill. Things change when you are managing a salt water tank. When observing their fish tank, pet owners need to recognize how sensitive salt water fish are to changing conditions. This will require a lot more work in order to keep things harmonious.

Obviously, the largest difference between raising the two types of fish is in supervising the salt level of the fish tank. Pet owners can ensure that the salt remains at a safe level at all times by checking the specific gravity of the tank on a scheduled basis. Even the tiniest change in the salt levels can mean big trouble for your fish, so make sure that you monitor it on a regular basis. Again, it requires a lot more work, but if you’re up to the challenge of a salt water tank and keeping exotic fish – you now know the basic fundamentals.

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Author: William Laudrup
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