The bad news first….a rough estimate indicates that it will cost slightly more than double to start with a salt water tank setup. The main reason for this is that salt water fish tanks require specific equipment. Examples of this would be a very good ‘protein skimmer’ and the best quality live rock. The protein skimmer will safely remove dissolved waste while the live rock is a natural filter which also provides food and hiding places. A cardinal rule to follow here is…you can probably buy any singular piece of equipment for less money that you first saw it listed at but, do your research, as you get what you pay for and you are dealing with the lives of your fish as well as the overall success of your hobby.

The addition of ‘new’ water to salt water fish tanks is a much more delicate process than with fresh water aquariums. Salt water fish tanks require mixing the water several days before addition to the tank whereas in a fresh water setup…the water can be added directly and immediately.

If you live near the coast – buying salt water marine livestock for your tank will be ‘extra’ expensive due to the initial cost of the fish or invertebrate plus shipping and handling. Regardless of where you are located – the cost of your fish and accompanying animals will be more expensive when compared to a similar specimen for a fresh water tank.

The awesome beauty of salt water fish in comparison to fresh water is a sight to behold! The boldness and vividness of their colorations will hold your attention… every time! There are some beautiful freshwater species…but, they pale in comparison.
One very important point to remember is that fresh water species are probably from a fish farm or into later generations a s they have been in demand for longer than their saltwater cousins. As a result, it will be taxing in their infancy to create an appetite for prepared foods as they were probably eating in the wild a couple of weeks ago. Patience and understanding are essential here as mistakes can be very costly.

Another primary rule of thumb – DO NOT ask your local fish store employee for advice! They are there to make a profit for the owner and, most likely, commission for themselves. The internet is a magical source of information and 98% of your research can/should be done before you enter the retail environment. You should also seriously consider establishing a high level of credibility with a prominent retail establishment as this will formulate that level of trust that you will demand in your search for information that will lead you to the ‘right’ products and livestock for your hobby.

To summarize, utilization of live rock will maintain a quality water level and the fish themselves become less demanding over time. If you truly have the experience, determination and persistence to study the project before jumping in – it will not be as trying as you would believe. The conversion from fresh water fish tanks to salt water fish tanks will take more money in order initially and to maintain…but, once you become comfortable with these facts…the overall enjoyment will far exceed your expectations.

Thank You.

In closing, I have done my research and found one operation that stock huge quantities of salt water fish tanks and related equipment that you will require. Their online Forum that is provided free of charge provides you with the opportunity to have discussions with like-minded individuals on topics directly related to your hobby as well as to direct you to the sites that will provide those items that they do not carry….such as, live marine livestock and invertebrates. They also provide you with a toll-free number for questions or concerns and offer a no – hassle 60 day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Pets of any description are viewed by this operation as members of the family and, as such, it becomes the aim of this Customer Support group of people to provide you with those quality products and services that will ensure a safe, happy and healthy life for your pet [s].

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