Setting up a salt water fish tank requires some planning before you begin. A big part of that planning is to decide where to put the aquarium. Simply putting it where you want it may not be good enough because the location needs to pass a series of tests before it is considered a good and safe spot.

Saltwater Fish Tank Location Check List

No Cold Air- Is the location you chose for your salt water aquarium away from drafty windows or doors or even air conditioning vents that can cause temperature swings? Temperature swings that dip downwards then come back up can stress out saltwater fish and cause disease to break out.

Avoid Direct Sunlight- Is your marine aquarium location away from direct sunlight? While some sunlight is OK a full blown blast of sun through a window can lead to algae growth and overheated tanks. When a salt water tank overheats the oxygen levels in the tank can drop and your saltwater fish can get sick and die.

Is Your Floor Strong Enough- You must make sure that the floor in the location where you want to setup the salt water fish tank can handle the load. While they may seem small a full 55 gallon salt water aquarium can weigh as much as 750 lbs so make sure your floor can handle that weight.

Is There Power- Many people setup their salt water tank and realize the location the y picked has no outlet nearby. They are forced to run ugly extension cords that not only look bad but increase the chances of tripping! If you discover that your marine aquarium location has no power outlets you will have to add one or pick a new spot for your tank.

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Author: Darin Sewell
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