Adding a saltwater fish tank to your home or office is a great way of owning a pet that can fit into your busy lifestyle. Although there is a certain amount of care and maintenance involved saltwater fish are beautiful to watch, add a unique focal point to any room and studies have shown that being in a room and watching fish swimming is soothing to the nervous system.

One of the first things to consider is what size tank you want to have and where you want to position it, remembering that once filled with water it will be very difficult to move. You will also have to decide on what kind of pump and filter you will need to adequately filter and recycle the water in the tank. A temperature gauge is vital to ensure the water is within the correct temperature range for the health of your particular breed of fish and of course a heater. Other items that you will have to have are fish nets, saltwater test kits, saltwater fish food, cleaning apparatus to cleaning the tank and some rocks, coral and other decorations for your the comfort of your fish and to add an appealing underwater scene.

Knowing in advance the kind of saltwater fish you want to keep is a good idea and if you are a complete novice a chat with an experienced person where you intend purchasing your fish is recommended as some fish can grow to over 12 inches in length whilst others only an inch. Be aware that a small tank poses just as much, if not more maintenance than a large one. Setting up your tank can take some time and it can take up to 6 weeks before you are ready to add your fish.

Saltwater fish are very colorful and some amazing results can be achieved adding different fish to your tank which has been decorated to suit but be warned, saltwater fish tend to be much more expensive than regular fish and for the novice it may be worth starting with the cheaper ones until you know exactly what you are doing and have sorted out how to maintain your saltwater tank correctly.

Not only do the fish need to be fed everyday but you will also have to check water temperatures and nitrate levels etc in the water using your test kit. Once every week or so you will have to clean the tank and on a regular basis, test the water quality etc.

Saltwater fish tanks and the cost of purchasing saltwater fish is more expensive to set up than freshwater and freshwater tanks require less maintenance as well, but the colorful beauty of the many varieties of tropical fish you can add to your tank far outweighs the cost. With proper ongoing research your saltwater fish tank will give you and you visitors many hours of pleasure and provide you with an interesting hobby.

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