The best thing about fish tanks is that they give your home a little something extra. They not only act as a habitat for beautiful pet fish but they also add more life and color to your rooms. When it comes to the inside of the fish tank, organization and décor matter here too. The possibilities are quite frankly endless. Here are just a few ideas to get you started when you are thinking about how to embellish your fish tank.

Use a Natural Theme:
Fish tanks look very complete and beautiful when simply garnished with natural stones, seaweed, and plants. Salt water fish tanks especially enjoy live corals and plants which are self sustaining and representative of their natural habitat. Fresh water tanks on the other hand could suffer from parasites and germ diseases if real wood or rock formations are included. But that’s okay. Simply getting gravel and wood replicas will still rectify that natural look. When organizing, really think about strategy. Your fish wants and needs room to hide and swim around on its own time. Place your reefs and rocks accordingly and skip those boring designs, make it fun for the fish and pleasing to the eye.

Inhabit a Pirate Theme:
If you want more of a lively scene, try filling your tank with pirate décor. Get a huge pirate ship and some chests filled with gold, your fish will love it.. Deeper blues and purples are great for a classic pirate theme, especially the bottom gravel. Go above and beyond and hide your ships and buried treasures around plants and under rocks. Complete the scene with an exciting pirate background and you’ll have yourself a spectacular display.

Use a Simple Architectural Theme:
You may think about doing something unique and creating a famous architectural setting with easy to find props such as the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian Ruins, Stonehenge pieces, or Asian or Indian inspired structures. These architectural themes definitely add flavor to your tank, it will definitely spark interest. These tanks are very commonly seen in upper class buildings and malls.

Include Type of Cartoon Décor:

Especially if you have kids, you may want to add some zest to your tank and make it fun and playful. Themes like Sponge Bob Square pants and The Little Mermaid are very complementing figures to add to any fish tank. Matching everything accordingly is a very nice touch as well. For example, say you go with a Sponge Bob theme, you might then add some bright yellows and bubbles or perhaps some other characters from the show. This idea is great for fish tanks in children’s rooms.

How ever you choose to decorate your fish tank, just be sure that your aquarium is interesting, very fun to look at, a great home for your fish with an underwater theme that is out of this world!

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