Setting up a new saltwater aquarium is a straight forward task as long as the tank was planned right.But like anything setting up salt water fish tanks can be made easier with some simple tips like the ones listed below.

Simple Tips To Make Setting Up a Saltwater Tank Easier

Dry Fit Your Equipment- Test fitting all of your support equipment on the tank before you fill it with water can help you identify and find any potential fitment problems that may occur. Nothing is more frustrating then finding out your new tank is to close to the wall after it is full of water.

Double Check Location- Before you start to add the water to your new saltwater aquarium sit back and make really sure where you are setting it up is where it will make you happy. While not impossible to move a tank once it is set up it is just a lot of messy time consuming work that can be avoided with a quick minute of double checking with yourself.

Avoid Cloudy Water- Whenever you fill any aquarium with water it will kick up dust from the gravel no matter how good you wash the gravel before you put it into the tank. A trick to having salt water fish tanks fill crystal clear is to take a piece of aluminum foil and cover the inside bottom of the tank.

Then fold the sides up to a height of about 2 inches to make a rectangular box, pour the water right onto the aluminum foil. As you fill it the foil will rise with the water and the gravel below will be totally protected from being disturbed by the water you are adding to the tank. The result will be in instantly crystal clear beautiful saltwater tank.

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