Decorating your salt water fish tanks with rocks and pieces of coral is imperative in order to make the fish feel at home. Some species will spend their time picking at the coral as that is what they do in the wild. Make sure you wash all pieces before putting them into the tank to stop any bacteria entering the water. If you are using dead coral you can wash them in a bleach solution to clean them making sure you rinse them properly afterwards. You will know if the bleach has gone by the smell. Coral and rockwork are necessary for some species of fish to feel secure as they like to mark their territory and will return to the same rock every night for shelter. It also gives them somewhere to hide until they get used to the other inhabitants in their new living space.

You may plan on introducing live coral into salt water fish tanks as a species in their own right. Do bear in mind that while they look pretty, they won’t last long if you choose fish that feed on this coral.

Usually people will tell you not to keep algae in an aquarium but it is vital in salt water fish tanks. It helps to lower the nitrogenous waste levels as well as providing a source of food. As with every aquarium, a new marine tank must be left to settle and mature before you add the living inhabitants. You can speed up this process in a Variety of different ways including introducing some base medium from an established marine aquarium. Don’t be in too much of a rush though as you do not want to waste your money buying fish only for them to die as their new home is not yet ready.

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