Knowing where to locate your salt water tank is half the battle to providing a good home for your new fish. You do not want to put the tank too near sunlight. This can encourage the growth of algae as well as causing overheating problems. You do not want to put it somewhere it would be in drought either as you want to keep the tank water within a certain temperature range.

Although it might not look it, a salt water tank needs to sit on a firm structure as it will be heavy when full. You can buy specially made aquarium stands. If you are placing it on a shelf, make sure that the shelf is secure enough to hold the tank. Always keep the tank level as you do not want to put pressure on one side of the tank by having the water at a slope. This can cause the aquarium to break or leak, neither of which is healthy for the inhabitants.

Speaking of leaks you should always double check any salt water tank you buy especially if they are bought second hand. If you find a leak it can be sealed but you are probably best returning the tank for a new one. When you are happy that you have the right salt water tank, set it up in the chosen location and fill it with the rocks, coral and water solution. If you have bought fish that like to bury themselves at night e.g. Parrot fishes, you need to put a deep layer of base medium on the bottom of the tank.

Now you have set up your marine aquarium you must continue to look after your fish on a daily basis. Keep them happy and healthy by feeding them the correct food at regular intervals.

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